The human body is part of our Earth. Its substance comes from life forms that grow from Earth. The atmosphere that sustains it is a layer of Earth. The body’s form and nervous system—including sense capacities—are tuned to connect with Earth.
The human mind and heart are also part of Earth. The whole human experience grew out of Earth and remains surrounded by her, dependent on her.
Meanwhile, the words we think, the views we hold, and our emotional experiences come to us from others. Each of us adds unique spins and flourishes, but we could not think or feel emotion if others hadn’t raised and prepared us to do so. And throughout life we remain exquisitely sensitive and responsive to the words, behaviors, and emotional presence of others. We are as deeply connected with humanity as we are with the planet on which it grows.
The earth and humanity, in turn, are part of the cosmos. They grew out of it and were shaped by it, according to the patterns physics, cosmology, and other sciences describe. Our lives unfold as part of a cosmic fabric that is vast and all-encompassing.
In states of settled meditation, with attention on Life flowing in our bodies, we can feel this wholeness, we can feel our connections to Earth, other humans, and the mysteries of the universe. It is not an esoteric experience available to a select few, it is open to anyone who is patient enough to settle into deep, contemplative mindfulness. The practice of Mindful Biology cultivates this capacity to connect with wholeness in a deep, embodied sense.
Wholeness brings to fruition the spiritual maturation that began with Awe and Love.