As mammals, humans are relational beings. We desire and need connection.
In prehistoric times, people felt closely connected with the animals, plants, waters, and lands around them. Nature was a supportive omnipresence, and—judging by modern humans who live immersed in Nature—it was common to view her as a loving mother.
In the current era, most of us feel cut off from Nature. I am fortunate to live near a restored wetlands, where there are many birds and much beauty. Even so, I spend most of my time indoors—surrounded by walls, insulation, and climate control—isolated from nearby Nature.
When I do go outdoors, I feel great Love toward Earth and all its support. And while it sounds illogical, I also experience Love coming to me from Earth. Our planet feels like a vast, embracing parent. Despite the mind’s logical objection, it feels automatic for my relational core to feel loved by Earth, which gives it life and nourishment.
Just as Nature supports the body, the body supports consciousness. I often feel its Love for ‘me’ in the same way I feel the earth’s. This bond is palpable anytime I choose to be mindful of it.
The more I tap into Love in Nature and my body, the more I am able to feel humankind’s innate capacity for Love, no matter how hardened or cruel some individuals seem. It too is palpable, and it can be felt whenever I am courageous enough to be mindful of it.
Connecting with Love is a key practice and benefit of Mindful Biology. It is a natural outgrowth of Awe, and it prepares us to settle into an embodied sense of Wholeness.