As mammals, humans are relational beings. We desire and need connection.
In prehistoric times, people felt connected with and supported by the animals, plants, and ecologies around them. It was probably common to consider nature a loving mother. Connection with Earth may have been as important to human thriving as connection with society.
When outdoors in nature, I feel profound Love for our Earth. And while it sounds illogical, I also feel Love coming to me from Earth. Our planet seems a vast, embracing parent who nourishes me with air, water, and food. Despite logic’s objection, it feels natural for my heart to feel loved by Earth.
Just as Earth supports the body, the body supports consciousness. I often feel my body’s Love for ‘me’ the same way I feel Earth’s. This bond is palpable anytime I grow mindful of it.
This is important, because—like most people—I often am separated from Nature. Though I am fortunate to live near lovely restored wetlands, I spend most of my time indoors. With mindful attention, however, I can feel Love coming from my body as part of nature’s Love. This is true even when I’m surrounded by walls.
As I grow more rooted in the Nature of my body, I discover its inner playfulness. The creative zest that enables Life to evolve past obstacles, to learn and develop.
Love is a central practice and benefit of Mindful Biology. It flows naturally from Awe, and it carries us toward Wholeness.